XO Conference: Off Stage

XO Conference: Off Stage

In a special off stage moment at the 2019 XO Conference, Donnie & Dara Petty sit down with XO speakers to hear life stories, funny moments and marriage building advice.

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XO Conference: Off Stage
  • Off Stage with Bianca Olthoff

    In this off stage moment, Bianca Olthoff shares how she is different from her husband, the importance of her MexiRican heritage and how the Bible safeguards your marriage.

  • Off Stage with Joe & Lori Champion

    Joe & Lori Champion talk about how they learned to be a successful team while both being strong and independent. Also, hear about the time Lori threw away one of Joe’s favorite things.

  • Off Stage with Dan Lian

    Dan Lian gives his best southern accent while also sharing about the importance of keeping your physical appearance attractive to your spouse.

  • Off Stage with Demario & Tamela Davis

    In this candid conversation, Demario & Tamela Davis talk about how to value marriage while playing in the NFL, Demario’s signature cooking dish and how to raise children while building a healthy marriage.

  • Off Stage with Dr. Les Parrott

    Dr. Les Parrott talks about how counseling can help couples through different seasons of marriage and how to build a road map for your relationship.

  • Off Stage with Jefferson Bethke

    Jefferson Bethke sits down in the XO lobby to share some budget friendly ways to create memories with your family. He also reveals some of his favorite soundtracks.

  • Off Stage with Jimmy and Karen Evans

    Jimmy & Karen talk about their early days of marriage ministry and share how they learned to refuel their marriage on a regular basis.

  • Off Stage with Dave & Ashley Willis

    In this special interview, Dave shares one of his hidden talents and reveals the special song that plays on his phone when Ashley calls him. Ashley shares how staying connected to God is part of having a naked marriage.

  • Off Stage with Tim Ross

    Tim Ross reveals the details of the moment he fell in love with his wife, Juliet. He also tells about the importance of sharing meaningful compliments with your spouse.

  • Off Stage with Michael & Natalie Todd

    Michael & Natalie Todd tell about how they navigate “mess” in their family and how to move forward in your marriage. They also share about a “friendly fight” they recently had about their relationship.