The Right One

The Right One

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The Right One is for those who are intent on finding and marrying the person that God desires for them. It is for people who believe they may have found their true love, but are committed to going into marriage with their eyes wide open. It’s for those who are contemplating marriage and excited about their future, but care enough about themselves and their partner to make their relationship all that it can possibly be. It is also for those who have yet to find the “right one,” but are intent on not wasting time on the wrong one.

This course is a companion to our book, The Right One. Many of the ideas and principles addressed in these videos are developed in more detail in the book.

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The Right One
  • Session 1: Introduction & Searching For a "Soul Mate"

    Does God have a specific "soul mate" in mind for you? As Christians, should we even use the phrase "soul mate"? God wants to see you in a lifelong relationship with the right person.

  • Session 2: Exposing the Myths of Love

    We want to love, and to be loved, because that's how God created us. But a storybook fantasy paradigm does not work in the real life world of romantic relationships. Jimmy exposes the myths of love and how to grow in true lasting relationship.

  • Session 3: Healthy and Realistic Expectations

    Learn how to set realistic expectations by throwing away your list of superficial and unimportant desires and instead focus on things that are truly important.

  • Session 4: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Date

    Learn how to be most prepared for marriage by having a purposeful and deliberate approach to the dating process.

  • Session 5: Recognizing Red Flags

    Red flag warnings are easy to spot, and important to watch for when assessing the strength - or weakness - of a dating relationship. Learn a few of the more prominent red flags to be watching for while seeking a healthy dating relationship.

  • Session 6: Developing a Spirit of Compatibility

    You don't just marry the right person. You must become the right person. And they in turn set out to become the right person for you.

  • Session 7: Purposeful Conversations

    Dating is supposed to be a time of getting to know each other in order to evaluate your level of compatibility for marriage. But too often it instead becomes an exercise in deceit.

  • Session 8: The Power of Covenant

    Marriage is a covenantal commitment, and God never turns his back on covenant. The blessings of covenant are both immense and eternal.

  • Bonus: The Right One

    Jimmy Evans shares the secrets to successfully dating and finding a compatible mate. In order to find the right one, you’ve got to become the right one as you prepare for marriage.

  • Workbook: Finding the Right One

    832 KB

    This is an interactive study guide for individuals or groups. If you are single, and hope to someday find yourself in a committed, fulfilling marriage relationship, this study is for you!

    This workbook is designed to be a direct accompaniment to the video teaching sessions.