The Overcoming Life

The Overcoming Life

Do you and your spouse sometimes feel defeated by life? You aren’t alone. We often are faced with two choices. We can learn to overcome our circumstances or we can let our circumstances overcome us.

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The Overcoming Life
  • Overcoming Rejection - Jimmy Evans

    When we are dealing with rejection, Jesus empowers us to overcome it. Victory is the birthright of every believer. We should not accept the devil's lies, but instead focus on Jesus, press on, and receive the freedom from rejection He brings.

  • Overcoming Unforgiveness - Jimmy Evans

    When we are offended, we are not to seek revenge. Instead, our actions should be to glorify God and seek the good of all.

  • Overcoming Comparison - Jimmy Evans

    Negative comparison is unhealthy because it produces thoughts and feelings about God, ourselves, and others that are inaccurate, counterproductive, and even destructive. You can learn not only the curse, considerations, and causes of comparison but also the cure for comparison.

  • Overcoming Sickness - Jimmy Evans

    Jesus paid the price on the cross for our healing. There are many reasons for sickness and many ways God brings healing.