The Four Laws of Love Discussion Guide

The Four Laws of Love Discussion Guide

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The Four Laws of Love Discussion Guide is an interactive study guide for individuals or groups. Jimmy Evans outlines the foundational pillars upon which God designed marriage. Following these simple guidelines will inject new life into your relationship. If your marriage is hurting, it can be healed. If your relationship is good, it can become great. This discussion guide is designed to be used with short teaching videos from Jimmy Evans that are available on XO Now (one month of free access to XO Now is included with purchase).

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The Four Laws of Love Discussion Guide
  • How to Get Started

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  • Session One | Demystifying Marriage

    God created marriage and He created four laws that govern it. Because of the four laws of love, there is no mystery to marriage.

  • Session Two | Protecting the Priority of Your Marriage

    Keeping your marriage first creates love and intimacy. When you protect the law of priority, you will have the marriage of your dreams.

  • Session Three | The Servant Rules

    The perfect marriage is two servants in love. When you serve your spouse with joy and meet their needs sacrificially, your efforts will pay off.

  • Session Four | Married on Purpose

    Marriage is the longest journey in life so it is important for you to have a plan. When you and your spouse agree on the purpose of your marriage, you will be blessed!

  • Session Five | Growing Together

    When you find a common purpose for your marriage you will succeed and have a long, lasting relationship.

  • Session Six | Disarming Destructive Dominance

    Marriage only works when we are equal partners. Letting go of control will help you to succeed in your marriage.

  • Session Seven | Disarming Anger

    Having a good marriage doesn't mean you never get angry. It just means you can process your anger and resolve your conflicts.

  • Session Eight | Resolving Conflict in Marriage

    When you listen and believe the best about your spouse you will learn how to resolve conflict in your marriage.