Tipping Point

Tipping Point

We are living in tumultuous times. From world politics to a shaking economy to attacks on morality, we are truly nearing an unprecedented season in world history. Eventually we will reach a pivotal moment of no return. In this inspiring series from Jimmy Evans, you’ll learn the parallels between the world we are living in today and the end times. Discover how to prepare for the future. You can have peace in a world of uncertainty.

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Tipping Point

5 Videos

  • Israel at a Tipping Point - Jimmy Evans

    All around us we see a world in crisis and in need of Jesus. Through Scripture, we realize God created Israel to be His special people and that God loves Israel. Jews have blessed the world through Jesus the Messiah, the Bible, and the Church. God has established an everlasting covenant with Isra...

  • Truth at a Tipping Point - Jimmy Evans

    Jimmy describes how the decline of morality and rejection of biblical truths worldwide are signs that Jesus will return soon.

  • Technology at a Tipping Point - Jimmy Evans

    Jimmy discusses how the technological advancements of our generation are signs of the end times.

  • Time at a Tipping Point - Jimmy Evans

    Jimmy Evans uses biblical prophecy to describe why our generation is living in the end times.

  • Morality at a Tipping Point - Jimmy Evans

    Jimmy Evans explains what morality will look like in the end times and how our society lines up with biblical prophecy.