The Naked Marriage Discussion Guide

The Naked Marriage Discussion Guide

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Follow along with Dave and Ashley as they talk about how having a "Naked Marriage' is about much more than just nakedness in the bedroom (although that's part of the fun). It means being naked emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. It also means undressing all the misconceptions our culture has used to cover God's original, beautiful design for marriage and rediscovering all marriage can be.

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The Naked Marriage Discussion Guide

10 Videos

  • Session One | Naked is Good

    The strongest marriages are built on a foundation of love, vulnerability, and commitment.

  • Session Two | Naked Communication

    In a naked marriage, broken relationships can be healed and strong marriages can grow stronger through honest communication.

  • Session Three | Naked Fights

    Hard times are when we need each other the most, and it's essential to know how to bring peace to any marriage conflict.

  • Session Four | Naked Sex

    Couples with the best sex lives have a man who continuously pursues, romances, and adores his wife and a wife who continually affirms her husband and shows her respect and belief in him.

  • Session Five | Naked Honesty

    Honesty has the power to set a positive course for your life and marriage, while also chasing away your fears in the process; true intimacy starts with naked honesty.

  • Session Six | Naked Scars

    God wants to heal you so you can experience a loving marriage in its fullness.

  • Session Seven | Naked & Alone

    Marriage mirrors the type of relationship God wants to have with us: one of partnership, friendship, and unity.

  • Session Eight | Naked Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a choice, and both spouses must actively choose to forgive one another each and every day.

  • Session Nine | Naked Purpose

    Marriage is not simply about us. God has a purpose for our marriage to be fruitful.

  • Session Ten | Naked Forever

    The happiest marriages are the ones where there is joy in partnering with God and the work He is doing to bring His kingdom to earth.

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