The God of Restoration

The God of Restoration

God is always about restoration and bringing hope when things seem hopeless. Regardless of your mistakes, the Lord’s desire is to restore your life into His plan and purpose. Through this inspiring series from the life of Nehemiah, you’ll discover how to break free from sin and restore the brokenness in your life. When you’ve overcome the past and are living in God’s blessing, you’ll experience breakthrough, favor and fulfillment.

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The God of Restoration

4 Videos

  • The End of Sin - Jimmy Evans

    Sin will utterly destroy our lives unless we actively put an end to it and allow God to bring restoration.

  • Building in Enemy Territory - Jimmy Evans

    We have a new covenant with God, through Jesus, that empowers us to live with favor and overcome generational defeat.

  • The Way Home - Jimmy Evans

    If we are serious about seeing God's best in our lives, we must be intentional about God's Word.

  • The Gift of Favor - Jimmy Evans

    Restoration and success in any area of life can only occur when we recognize the enemy's evil intentions and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones.