Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide

Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide

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The Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide is an interactive study guide for individuals or groups. While many people desperately want a marriage that works, fewer of them really believe they can experience success. Leading marriage expert Jimmy Evans will give you real-life challenges and offer easy solutions on how to have a healthy and thriving marriage. Learn how to meet your spouse's needs and make your marriage a top priority. This discussion guide is designed to be used with short teaching videos from Jimmy Evans that are available on XO Now (one month of free access to XO Now is included with purchase).

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Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide

12 Videos

  • Session One | The Most Important Issue in Marriage

    The most important issue in marriage is a personal relationship with God. He meets our deepest needs for acceptance, identity, security and purpose. If we don’t allow God to meet those needs, we will seek a person to do it—and we will be disappointed.

  • Session Two | The Laws of Priority and Pursuit

    When God created marriage, He created it upon the laws of His Word. The laws of priority and pursuit will provide protection and daily renewal in your marriage.

  • Session Three | The Laws of Possession and Purity

    God created marriage to share everything. That’s what it means to “become one flesh.” From our most vulnerable emotions to our most personal dreams, we must be each other’s safe places.

  • Session Four | A Man's Needs

    Men’s greatest need is honor and respect. Men and women are equals, but men gravitate to the place where they are honored.

  • Session Five | A Woman's Needs

    A woman’s greatest need is for security. Women feel most secure in a marriage to a sacrificial, sensitive man. They feel insecure married to a selfish, detached man.

  • Session Six | The Power of Positive Communication

    Communication is how we get to know each other, fall in love with each other, and become one.

  • Session Seven | Financial Success in Marriage

    Marriage is the number-one wealth-producing entity on earth. At the same time, financial problems are the top reason people divorce. Money can bring tremendous blessings or tremendous stress.

  • Session Eight | Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage

    God created sex for pleasure and lifelong enjoyment in marriage, but placed parameters around sex for our protection. God gave men and women sexual differences in order to make relationships more fulfilling and dynamic.

  • Session Nine | Destructive Husbands and Wives

    Chronically unhappy marriages occur because one or more spouses exhibit destructive behavior. People become destructive for four reasons: simple ignorance about how to have a successful marriage, past hurts that haven’t been dealt with, bad friends and negative influences, and defensiveness.

  • Session Ten | Raising Children as You Build a Great Marriage

    We all want to raise great kids—but not at the expense of marriage. Three simple principles can ensure your children and marriage are both successful and healthy.

  • Session Eleven | Parents, Past and Present

    Parents and in-laws are a blessing, but if not handled properly, these relationships can cause problems.

  • Session Twelve | Building Successful Blended Families

    To ensure success, blended families need to disarm the Day One dynamics of these families.

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