Living in God's Presence

Living in God's Presence

Have you felt overwhelmed by the challenges of life? The secret to overcoming stress and worry is living in God's presence. He'll guide you and help you overcome. Through this inspiring series from the life of Moses, you'll discover how to know God, the authority you have over the enemy and how to possess your promised land. The Lord will help you solve every problem, meet every need and conquer every enemy.

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Living in God's Presence

6 Videos

  • God's Answer for Every Problem - Jimmy Evans

    God's answer to every problem Moses presented to Him was, "I will be with you!" and that is His answer for us also.

  • The Secret of the Rod - Jimmy Evans

    The primary thing that keeps us from becoming all we were created to be is our ignorance of who we are in God and the authority we have through His Spirit.

  • Leaving Egypt - Jimmy Evans

    God’s power and authority in our lives give us the ability to overcome the devil and live in freedom as God designed.

  • The Marah Solution - Jimmy Evans

    Forgiveness is an act of personal obedience that no one else can do for us. We decide if we will extend the grace of God to others or live in bitterness.

  • Removing the Pharoah Filter - Jimmy Evans

    The circumstances and relationships of our past shape our perceptions of God, but we must believe what the Bible says about who He is.

  • The Promised Land Problem - Jimmy Evans

    The way we represent God to others will dictate our level of spiritual growth and maturity as well as our ability to receive His best for our lives.