I Am Joseph

I Am Joseph

God has a dream for each of us to follow, a specific purpose and destiny for our lives. Discovering God’s dream for your life creates nothing but joy and satisfaction. It all begins by realizing the dream in your heart and how to make it happen.

I Am Joseph

4 Videos

  • Permission to Dream - Jimmy Evans

    In this first message of a series based on the life of Joseph, Jimmy Evans explores the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Once he received the coat, he began to dream—and those dreams changed the course of his life. God loves you and has a dream to give you. It will set you on course t...

  • Why Dreams Are Delayed - Jimmy Evans

    In a series based on the life of Joseph, Jimmy Evans speaks about the timing of God’s promises. Joseph received his dream from God when he was 17, but it didn’t come true until he was 30 years old. Why are dreams sometimes slow to be fulfilled? God is faithful, but our decisions can help delay or...

  • The DNA of Dreams - Jimmy Evans

    Dreams represent God’s will for our lives, so knowing you are following the right dream is critical. In this message based on the life of Joseph, Jimmy Evans examines the purpose and nature of dreams. Why is it important that we have a dream? And how do we learn to recognize a dream from God?

  • The Dream That Never Dies - Jimmy Evans

    Many dreams are generational in nature and may take decades to reach fulfillment. In the concluding message of this series on the life of Joseph, Jimmy Evans looks at Joseph during his final years. To impact future generations, we have to live in a way that fulfills God’s dream for our lives. You...