God & Money

God & Money

God’s desire for you is to live in prosperity, which means you have more than enough to do what God wants to do in and through you. Poverty is not of God. In this series, learn how God wants to take care of you and all your needs, including your financial needs.

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God & Money

4 Videos

  • The Devil and the Dollar - Jimmy Evans

    Poverty is not of God. It is a curse, and Jesus dies for the total well being of God in your life. His desire is for you is prosperity, which means you will have more than enough for you to do what God wants you to do in your life. The devil’s desire is for you to use your money opposite of what ...

  • The Counterintuitive Kingdom - Jimmy Evans

    Your money doesn’t come from your employer or the government. It comes from God. When you see Scripture through a renewed mind and not through the lens of this world, you can truly learn how to steward your finances and tithe in faith and receive the many blessings that follow.

  • Two Worlds of Wealth - Jimmy Evans

    You have a Heavenly Father who wants to take care of you and all your needs, including your financial needs. There are two types of wealth systems, the Babylon System and the Father System. Which system you live under will determine how you view the world and make financial decisions.

  • Resurrected Riches - Jimmy Evans

    Because of the ultimate payment Jesus made for you on the cross, you have access to unlimited riches as a son or a daughter of the King. God will do anything in your life that He wants to do if you will put faith in Him. God’s dream is that His people will be blessed, so the Kingdom of God can mo...