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  • 2019 XO Marriage Conference

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  • Marriage on the Rock
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    Marriage on the Rock

    10 videos  |  Buy $100

    Marriage doesn’t have to be full of frustration and disappointment, you can have a passionate relationship that will stand the test of time.

    From communication to money to sex, Marriage on the Rock is the best-selling resource that clearly deals with all the major issues a couple will encounter....

  • Our Secret Paradise
    6 videos  |  Buy $60

    Our Secret Paradise

    6 videos  |  Buy $60

    When most couples think of paradise, they dream of peace and pleasure. For many, marriage is the complete opposite, full of conflict and disappointment. Even if you’re “out of love” it is possible to have a marriage that is secure and satisfying.

  • Tipping Point
    5 videos  |  Buy $60

    Tipping Point

    5 videos  |  Buy $60

    We are living in tumultuous times. From world politics to a shaking economy to attacks on morality, we are truly nearing an unprecedented season in world history. Eventually we will reach a pivotal moment of no return. In this inspiring series from Jimmy Evans, you’ll learn the parallels between ...

  • Total Freedom Journey

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    We are all born in bondage. Every person battles fear and toxic thoughts. We all carry unresolved pain from our past. Life was intended to be so much more. In these powerful messages, Jimmy Evans will help you understand the root cause of the inner struggles you experience every day. You'll learn...

  • Sex, Love and Communication

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    The key to achieving the love and intimacy you desire is found within your words. Vibrant communication, romantic love and fulfilling sex are more than just a fantasy, they can become reality.

  • I Am Joseph
    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    I Am Joseph

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    God has a dream for each of us to follow, a specific purpose and destiny for our lives. Discovering God’s dream for your life creates nothing but joy and satisfaction. It all begins by realizing the dream in your heart and how to make it happen.

  • Return to Intimacy
    10 videos  |  Buy $60

    Return to Intimacy

    10 videos  |  Buy $60

    Everyone has a deep need for intimacy. We marry to experience passion and delight but instead we often feel disappointment and frustration. Return to Intimacy in your marriage and learn how to keep intimacy thriving and growing, why fear causes us to react and hurt each other and practical steps ...

  • Spirit Filled Marriage

    8 videos  |  Buy $60

    Traditional marriage is under full-scale attack. Even among believers, many couples are frustrated and hurting. In this powerful series, Jimmy Evans will reveal why a thriving marriage is between a man, a woman and God. You'll learn how to love each other unconditionally and the real roles of suc...

  • Exposing the Enemy
    5 videos  |  Buy $60

    Exposing the Enemy

    5 videos  |  Buy $60

    Satan is real and whether you realize it or not, he’s actively plotting to destroy your life. In this power-packed series, Jimmy Evans will expose the devil’s nature so you can easily recognize how he works. You’ll learn about the authority you have in Christ and what to do when you’re under atta...

  • Lifelong Love Affair
    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    Lifelong Love Affair

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    Everyone wants to experience a love that lasts a lifetime. For many, the dream of lifelong love has become a nightmare filled with disappointment and heartache.

    Success is not a matter of luck or if you marry the right person. In this inspiring series, Jimmy Evans will reveal the secrets to havi...

  • I Am David
    7 videos  |  Buy $60

    I Am David

    7 videos  |  Buy $60

    We serve a great God who has made everyone in His image and has called all of us to a life of greatness—no one has been called to a life of mediocrity or failure. However, many people just don’t know how to get there. They’ve never been shown the way, or maybe they have some major obstacles to ov...

  • 2018 XO Marriage Conference

    23 videos  |  Buy $100

    This conference is now a part of the XO Now subscription. http://signup.xonow.tv You may also still purchase this conference for your personal library.

    THE 2018 XO CONFERENCE includes sessions covering a wide range of marriage topics from world-class speakers such as Jimmy Evans, Dave & Ashley W...

  • Emotionally Healthy Marriage

    5 videos  |  Buy $60

    All of us have issues from our past that we bring into marriage. But few of us know how to deal with those hurts as they’re happening. In this inspiring series you’ll learn to celebrate your differences with your spouse, why couples fight for control and practical steps to renew your relationship...

  • Becoming One
    9 videos  |  Buy $60

    Becoming One

    9 videos  |  Buy $60

    Lasting love is so much more than physical attraction. The secret to falling in love and staying in love is realizing what it truly means to become one with another person.

    In this inspiring series, you’ll discover the secrets to having a thriving relationship including:

    - How to know the purpo...

  • The Family That God Built

    8 videos  |  Buy $60

    God establishes every family by bringing a man and woman together in marriage. This sacred union is the foundation for raising the next generation. In this inspiring series, Jimmy Evans will show you the steps to having a lasting, loving family. Discover principles for successful communication. D...

  • Flying High in Marriage

    10 videos  |  Buy $60

    For many couples they fall in love and are optimistic about their future. After years of marriage, they begin to take each other for granted. Without realizing what is happening, they begin to believe marriage was a mistake. In this inspiring series you’ll discover why you fell in love, how to he...

  • The God of Restoration

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    God is always about restoration and bringing hope when things seem hopeless. Regardless of your mistakes, the Lord’s desire is to restore your life into His plan and purpose. Through this inspiring series from the life of Nehemiah, you’ll discover how to break free from sin and restore the broken...

  • Living in God's Presence

    6 videos  |  Buy $60

    Have you felt overwhelmed by the challenges of life? The secret to overcoming stress and worry is living in God's presence. He'll guide you and help you overcome. Through this inspiring series from the life of Moses, you'll discover how to know God, the authority you have over the enemy and how t...

  • I Am Abraham
    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    I Am Abraham

    4 videos  |  Buy $60

    Thousands of years later, Abraham's life is still affecting mankind. His steadfast faith continues to inspire people around the world. In this powerful series, Jimmy Evans will help you have a strong, vibrant faith regardless of circumstance. You’ll learn why waiting is essential for your promise...

  • XO 2018 Simulcast | Christ's Church of the Valley

    3 videos  |  Buy $10

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