Our Secret Paradise

Our Secret Paradise

When most couples think of paradise, they dream of peace and pleasure. For many, marriage is the complete opposite, full of conflict and disappointment. Even if you’re “out of love” it is possible to have a marriage that is secure and satisfying.

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Our Secret Paradise
  • The Secret of Paradise - Jimmy Evans

    God didn’t create marriage to be painful. He created it to be pleasurable and peaceful! In this teaching based on the example of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Jimmy Evans shares the four foundations of lasting peace in marriage, and the three levels of communication required to achieve it.

  • The Secret of Lasting Passion - Jimmy Evans

    No one wants a passionless relationship. God designed marriage to get better every year. In this personal teaching, Jimmy Evans explains how vital it is that couples invest in their marriage, why it’s so important to prioritize each other over the children, and how the things you treasure most re...

  • The Secret of Being Best Friends - Jimmy Evans

    We all want to be married to our best friend, and friendship is the foundation of any relationship. With heartfelt honesty, Jimmy Evans shares how he nearly lost his friendship with his wife, Karen. He details the specific foundations of friendship and how they relate to men’s and women’s primary...

  • The Secret of Every Great Marriage - Jimmy Evans

    Even in a great marriage, a husband and wife can end up hurting each other. What happens next can either strengthen the marriage or steer it toward divorce. Jimmy Evans reveals the value of redemptive love and the five basic choices a spouse has when something goes wrong. Only one of these choice...

  • The Secret of Building a Lasting Marriage - Jimmy Evans

    Young people today are terrified of marriage because they think it will fail. Jimmy Evans takes away the fear by sharing the biblical formula for a successful marriage. It starts with having the right expectations and viewing marriage through the lens of a covenant—not a contract.

  • The Secret of Ultimate Sexual Fulfillment - Jimmy Evans

    The secret to success in marriage is a servant spirit, and only that attitude brings a couple ultimate sexual fulfillment. Using the unforgettable illustration of a marriage in hell and a marriage in heaven, Jimmy Evans shows couples how to navigate varying sexual needs and differences in libido.