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  • 2020 XO Conference

    16 videos  |   Buy $100

    The 2020 XO Conference includes 15 LIVE teaching sessions from the premier XO Marriage event of the year. These sessions cover a variety of marriage topics from world-class speakers such as Jimmy Evans, Dave & Ashley Willis, Robert Morris, Michael Todd and more!

  • The Four Laws of Love

    4 videos  |   Buy $60

    The Four Laws of Love outlines the foundational pillars of the most sacred relationship on earth: marriage. This series sounds a wake-up call for every kind of marriage. Including those that are barely surviving and those that seem to operate on autopilot. Couples who follow these simple guidelin...

  • Marriage on the Rock

    10 videos  |   Buy $100

    Marriage doesn’t have to be full of frustration and disappointment, you can have a passionate relationship that will stand the test of time.

    From communication to money to sex, Marriage on the Rock is the best-selling resource that clearly deals with all the major issues a couple will encounter....

  • Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide

    12 videos  |   Buy $100

    Supporting video sessions for the Marriage on the Rock Discussion Guide for couples and groups. Order your discussion guide now: https://store.marriagetoday.com/products/marriage-on-the-rock-discussion-guide-for-couples-groups
    To access all twelve videos you will need a subscription to XO Now. Cl...